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Everybody is somebody’s somebody! Treat everyone right! (Dange Durrett)

Dynamic, enthusiastic professional with 17 years of international sales, management, and team leadership experience with extensive background in marketing, training, new product development, and customer service. Effective communicator. Talented in dealing with clients and managing staff by identifying issues and creating solutions.

My strengths are: ability to customize, communicate, and apply a marketing program on the specific needs of a particular customer; strong analysis and strategic thinking skills; passion for understanding customers’ behavior and insights.
Have extensive international experience by living, studying, and working abroad in Lithuania, Finland, and United Arab Emirates.


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“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planed” (David Bly)

Labas Connect aims to improve its client’s business, operational efficiency and operational productivity; cultivating and disseminating knowledge and managing change to achieve and sustain success. We help business improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. 

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The assessment of your business will allow us to identify the knowledge gaps within your teams. We will design a training plan that fits your needs and will close those gaps. Our training program will help your team members understand how to show added value, ask the right questions, and help your customers to make intelligent decisions to buy your products or services.

Our training programs are designed to bring the knowledge of your team to the next level. 

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Labas Connect network creates opportunities by connecting people together matching by their interests, industries they work in, by business and opportunities they are looking to expand to. People get connected with similar values, who want to move their carrier to a different direction, or take it to the next level. At Labas Connect we won’t overload you with unnecessary information, but will connect you with a valuable match – we will narrow the load down to which event to invite you personally – to save you money and time. However, at our network you will have an access to our all upcoming events and will have an opportunity to choose which ones to attend as well. Connecting, keeping, nourishing, and building your relationship with your new contacts is our goal. Labas Connect is partnering and network with many different industry leaders. Become one of us!

“Everybody is somebody’s somebody! Treat everyone right!” (Dange Durrett)


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We have worked with Dange for the past four months. She listens carefully and uses her expertise to provide the tools needed to grow your business and make successful decisions.
Kristina Rutkauskas, Owner, Sweet Gallery
Dange knows business and can help support any small business in their growth!
Dhana Goldsmith Cohen, Co-founder, Inventorz Network
Dange assessed my business operations in general. After a few recommendations and clear explanations as of why I needed to make changes and how will it benefit my business, I followed her advice and my business dramatically changed! A couples months later, after implementing the recommended changes, I am now running my cookies baking business full time. The productivity has quadrupled along with the effectiveness. I am very happy with the outcome after deciding to work with a business consultant. I highly recommend to work with Dange Durrett!
Rossana Gomez, Owner, La Galleteria
Labas Connect must be your friend to go if you are a small business owner and started your business! I chose this company and was given a lot of valuable ideas, information, customized development detailed plans, step-by-step guidelines focused on improving my business. I appreciated all the patience during the process and I now see all the benefits of our weekly meetings, training and homework.
Each small business owner should let an outside consultant evaluate their business, You have to be open for new ideas, new challenges and potential improvements.
I was scared at the beginning and it ended up even better. I highly recommend Labas Connect to all new small business owners!


Work internationally. Contact us for the next steps to launch your global business.