Hello and Happy New Year! Resolutions’ time?

by Dange Durett

Let me start by asking you a question – Did you make a list of personal or business resolutions for 2017? Are you thinking about it? Will you do it after your kids are back to school or after your family vacation is over? Well… I hear you!

I know how busy we all are, especially after the Holidays and after the end of the year… There is a whole new chapter waiting for us – getting ready for a busy tax season, planning new budget for the year, thinking about hiring new team members, rebranding (or not?), and so on.

But let me ask you something else – did you plan to spend time to review your last year’s business performance? Did you schedule an independent business coach to talk to about your business strategies for 2017? Did you make resolutions to make or add a few changes to your business or personal growth that would take your business journey to the next level? If your answer is “no… not yet”, you are not the only one.

Do not worry, you can be one of those who are ready to make a commitment to explore where a conversation with a business consultant can take them this year, and what a difference it could make by contacting me at Dange@LabasConnect.com.

I am so excited about 2017! New possibilities, events, and of course the opportunity to connect with new people!

I’ve been asked by many business owners who want to make changes “Where and how do I start?” Well, my advice would be start with my top 5 tips that will help you to start 2017 fresh:

  1. Make a plan to meet with a business coach or business advisor who can offer an independent review of the current situation of your business, and make a commitment to complete at least the first suggested basic steps towards the change and growth of your business. I personally would be happy to offer my services and work with you. Contact me for your first no commitment consultation.
  2. Review and identify what are your company’s vision and mission statements. When meeting with clients and business owners I have noticed that there are still a lot of businesses that lack having them. Having a mission statement helps to identify your target client and that leads to easier ways of defining your value proposition.  
  3. Create a schedule that works for you. After reviewing your last year’s performance, make some adjustments in your daily routine and stick to them. Include time for meetings with your clients, business meals with your prospects, and do not forget dinners with your family. Keep in mind to add “Me” time – for personal growth, exercising or calls with your accountability partners. If you plan accordingly and prioritize your daily activities, you can decrease the level of stress and disappointments.
  4. Know your numbers. Please (please please!) know your numbers at least this year! Talk to your accountant, tax consultant, or call me if you have doubts about your margins, income-to-debt-ratio or any “monthly payment” plans you have. I can help you better understand and manage them.  
  5. Find time to read (audio books count too!). “One who does not read has no advantage over the one who cannot read…” (Mark Twain). Find a book that is related to your business, a success story of your favorite entrepreneur or your idol. Anything that interest you so you can commit to reading a few pages every day (or listening in your car or on a treadmill). Build a habit of reading – it will pay off in the long run. You will see how books help you to think outside the box. If you don’t find time for books, you are missing opportunities to learn something new.   

And a Bonus one: “Do not let yesterday take up too much of today”. All of us make mistakes and fail. However, we learn a lot from our experiences. Do not waste time looking back and blaming others from losing Your momentum, money, or clients. All of us have been there and done that, but it is up to us how fast we get over it. Shake it off and move forward! Focus your energy on today and the future! It’s 2017, for God’s sake!  

If you have any questions or need some help to review your business situation or brainstorm how to start a business, call me to schedule an appointment and I will be more than happy to share my thoughts and give you advice for a fresh start in 2017.

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