How not to get distracted and become overwhelmed

By Dange Durett

Summer time (well, at least on the calendar), exciting events, significant other’s surprises, picnics, classes, and meetings with interesting people… and all the other things like rainbow parades, Trump, political dramas, the bachelorette, “crying Cupcake” (what? apperently there was such a thing last night) and trying to focus on making money, everything at the same time. I am shocked myself… I am-up-to-date without even trying. I can’t say I watch TV, nor follow every site on line…

TodolistThree words: The power of Social media!

This morning I really got concerned on how and what I need to change so I wouldn’t lose my focus and get the things done on a timely manner without wasting my time.

I remembered I had a list with the 5 most favorite and powerful points to help me get focused. As more and more exciting things are going on in my life, I need the list as an everyday reminder to remain focused.

Because I like it and find my list so helpful, I am sharing it with you and hope somebody will benefit from it as well.

My top 5 points to help focus for a self-employed person, who has the luxury to work from a home office are:

1. Make sure the TV is off!

Choose music in the background – music can help you focus, inspire, or pump you up to get your tasks done. (I love relaxing jazz, classic piano or lounge collections)

2. Make a daily “to-do” list and have it in a front of you and always visible.

Try to make a “hand written list”, do not type the things you need to get done on your devices. Having it on your pc, tablet, or your phone gives you an opportunity to check other windows like txt, pictures, SM, etc… and those will distract you. After you complete a task cross if off your list. Follow the list until is all “crossed out” and don’t get discouraged if a few things stay on for more than a day – no one is perfect.

3. Make yourself available to read an article related to your business, hobby, or work.

If you need to write a blog, a review, an idea for your team, or something related to your work – do it right after a good read – keep the momentum and don’t lose the focus!

4. Block a “busy” time on your agenda – in other words, make yourself “unreachable”.

Turn off your phone to silent mode for some time (choose a few hours when you are planning, reading, writing, or analyzing) My favorite time is late in the morning before lunch time. Some people prefer early morning or late in the afternoon… Stay “busy” and focus your attention on your work only! If there is anything you think is pressing matter – trust me -, do not worry, it will still be waiting for you at a later time.

5. Schedule calls, meetings and interviews in advance!

Try to stick to a certain time for that – e.g. pick one or two days a week only for meetings (especially if you are a lady and work a lot from home, because you will have to get your hair done, put on your make up, and dress up for your “moment to shine”). And, also, save time on traveling. Or simply, choose a specific time of the day such as mornings, late afternoons – whatever works with your busy scheduler and stick to it! You will be amazed how much more you will get done. In addition to that, make sure you review your next day’s agenda every day at the end of the day, so you will have time to plan for what will be coming your way.

Have fun, be productive and enjoy the benefits of working from home!


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