4 Good Reasons to start working with a Small Business Consultant

by Dange Durett

Have you considered working and improving your business with the support of an independent business consultant? Someone who can coach you and help you steer your business in the right direction? If you have not, let me tell you why you should consider it.

Starting a business is an easy task compared to trying to stay in it for more than 18 months, in a profitable way, that is. The statistics show that about 85% of the new businesses fail in the first 18 months. Not because of a bad idea, but for quite a few other reasons. Staying in business for more than two years requires not only commitment, capital, good people skills, but also support and knowledge of the industry, the processes to produce your products or services, your business numbers and also having a good understanding of business management and leadership.

Most business owners are talented multitaskers and can say “I can do it all!” However, multitasking may slow you down while trying to improve and grow your business.

It is here where the role of the independent business consultant comes into play, to provide you guidance and let you spend your valuable time on additional activities.

Having a business consultant who knows you at the personal level, will help you to move your business from where you are today, to where you want it to be.

Here are the main Good Reasons to start working with a Small Business Consultant:

  • Have an expert’s opinion for the things that matter

I see often that some of my clients ask for advice to their family members and close friends. Well, it is not common to get an objective opinion from people who know your situation, who don’t want to hurt your feelings or tell you something you probably do not want to hear. In the long term, lacking professional advice may slow you down from getting closer to meeting your objectives.

Having a third-party’s opinion to help assessing or evaluating your business processes, strategies and operations can save you time and help you resolve current problems and also taking better decisions while making your operation more efficient and profitable.

  • Stay ahead of your competition, regardless how small it is

Having a consultant will give you advantage against your competition because you will have a professional whose job is to research about the latest changes which are shaping the different industries. Brainstorming with an independent person about marketing, strategies, customer tendencies along with exploring creative ideas for the future of your business can help you get ahead of your competition.      

  • Nurture the growth of your company

I see often that businesses platoon and, despite some improvement actions, they end up not growing as planned. Having a consultant as part of your team should help you focus on the few vitals to make your business meet its goals and targets. An extra set of eyes is always a good option to keep you aligned with your strategy.

  • Have a consultant on demand

Every bigger business has a tax consultant, a CPA, and a business lawyer, which are key service providers you must have but are not required everyday. However, their value contribution is significant. Having a business advisor, who knows details about the operation of your business along with your current CPA, tax professional and lawyer, will give you peace of mind knowing that they are just a phone call away so you can reach them when it comes to resolving regular business issues or having key decisions to make.

All Business advisers have different backgrounds and different experiences. You do not have to hesitate hiring a consultant just because they do not have significant experience on your field. It is a great advantage because as an outsider he/she will provide a completely different perspective and also because the essentials for a well-run business are all the same: a good product at a good price made by a good process sold in the right market.

Every successful business has an advisor and every successful business owner understands the value business consulting can bring. Do you have a business advisor?

If yes – congratulations!

If not – why don’t you call me now? I will be more than happy to sit down, to know your situation, build a relationship, and see how I can help you.


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