5 Habits Every Professional Should Do Every Day

Contrary popular belief, it does take acquiring certain habits to maintain a personal style and image that’s consistent with a business professional’s desired brand/image.  These habits aren’t about dropping thousands on total wardrobe overhauls every month, or splurging on every season’s hottest trends, it’s not even about spending hours a day on how you look.  Real style and confidence in your appearance starts at home, with your daily habits.  I’ve put together a list of 5 habits I believe every professional (and really anyone) should do every day to make their style something that’s a part of their day, and not a constant stresser in your life.

1)  Plan your outfits for the week (or at least the night before)-
You’ve heard it hundreds of times by now, but do you do it?  Planning your outfit(s) ahead of time gives you MORE time in the morning to sleep, eat, and/or relax.  In turn, you’ll feel less stress because you already know what you’re wearing when you wake up in the morning.  This means planning EVERYTHING, down to your accessories and undergarments (be sure they’re the RIGHT undergarments).

2)  Give yourself extra time to get ready-
Instead of trying to rush and get yourself ready in very little time in the morning, get up just a few minutes earlier to give yourself a chance to relax.  Not only will it prevent you from having to rush out of the house feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it will give you an extra few minutes to eat a healthy breakfast, or enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

3)  Wear clothing that FITS
As a personal stylist, I’ve seen many different closets but one thing that’s common in most closets is people have ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ clothes that they’re holding on to ‘just in case.’  A style success-er knows it’s important physically and emotionally.  Don’t beat yourself up over those items that ‘will fit one day’ or ‘used to fit.’  If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t need to take up precious real estate in your closet.  PLUS, when clothing fits your body TODAY you look more professional, slimmer, and streamlined.

4)  Get Inspiration
Your clothing and image is a creative outlet, an outlet that needs to consistently evolve over time (just like we do as individuals, and in business/career).  To keep evolving your style, you need to get inspired!  Take to sites like Pinterest and create a board of anything that feels like the message you want to portray and the person you are.

5)  Stay true to their personal style
Style isn’t about adapting every trend that walks down the runway.  Instead, it’s about using clothes to show the world who you are, what you do, and whatever message you want them to feel/think about you.  While I’m all about keeping your style updated, I always encourage clients to be picky when bringing in particular trends into their wardrobe.  Be sure not to bring something into your style because you feel like you’re supposed to, instead bring it in because it matches your desired personal style and image.

Have you adapted any of these habits yet?  I’d love to hear about it!

Author – Mallory Sills

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