Top 5 things to consider when you decide to start a business

By Dange Durett

11535891_10207306289681433_8430547873990113666_nSome women say that we, women, face more challenges than men while starting or running a business. Even though the number of women leaders and owners is growing, some of us still need support and have to put more hard work to prove our capabilities and demonstrate our leadership.

During one of our Lithuanian Business Women’s Network event we discussed that despite the fact opportunities may seem endless, it is evident that we need some extra effort to be patience and confidence to keep going.

Women are so ambitious when it comes to making our desires a reality. Starting a business can be challenging for a lot of reasons. Especially for women.

My top 5 things for women to consider when starting a business are:

  1. Identify what are your goals, your vision, and your mission.

Find out what are you passionate about, and what motivates you. It is different for each one of us, depending on our talents, experiences, and ambitions.

  1. How big and strong is the support you need?

Do you have children? Do you have family or friends around who, if needed, can help you out?  Would your spouse or partner support you? Will you get them to help you while starting your exciting journey of entrepreneurship?

Starting a business will require commitment and long stressing work hours. There will be uncertainty, additional activities, and obstacles will definitely affect your daily routine and life. Consider that!

  1. Prepare your personal development plan for the different aspects of your life: family, social, professional, and financial.

Please, do not forget you personal appearance, this is very, very important! Get ready to get back to reading, studying, finding a mentor and dedication to stay current. In today’s world, you cannot afford to do business with yesterday’s methods and still hope to stay in business tomorrow.

  1. Be ready for a “bumpy ride” with an exciting destination!

The tests you will meet will vary – from challenging your mind and your body, all the way to your spirit. Learning to keep the balance in your life will be extremely important.

  1. Surround yourself with people who are “on the same page” with you.

Make a list of qualities you want your partner, team member, or a business colleague to have. After meeting various personalities thru my life, I have realized that a team with diversity adds value and strength to the team’s goals and accomplishments. However, different opinions and visions, if not matched properly, can decrease the productivity of your business and add unnecessary stress. Chose wisely! And again – sometimes it will not be your best friend or a member of your family – you have to decide what results you want in the long run and how fast you want to reach your goals.

Surround yourself with people who will be objective, logical, flexible, and great problem solvers with strong work ethics.

These are the top 5 points, out of many more, I may suggest to women to consider before following their ambitious dreams.

After covering these points during our successful meeting, the ladies had a great opportunity to enjoy the professional photo shoot session courtesy of Saule Trainys (SaulePhoto).

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Thank you!

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