8 Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Team

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8 Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Team

The most efficient leaders know how to lead a team. Teamwork is the best way to get things done quickly and accurately. It also helps breed innovation and creativity within any organization. Great leaders know their limits and also know who they can count on to get the job done well.

As your business grows, you may start to spread yourself thin – more to do but no extra time. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand or a business leader seeking to enhance management strategies in order to effectively motivate your team … you’ve come to the right place.

Combining creativity, experience, and individualism along with strong leadership skills – that’s a recipe for success and progress. You are more likely to get better results through cohesive work than you would otherwise. Leaders can make or break their teams, so it’s in your best interested to forge strong personel management and motivational skills.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the top 8 ways leaders can ensure optimal cooperation and productivity within a team.

1.) Consider a fair pay rate
Choosing a pay rate that doesn’t compromise the value of your employee is important. If you pay your employees very little they will think that you don’t value them. Their effort, drive, and overall performance is not going to be stellar if you are paying them poorly. Be sure your pay rate is equal to other companies in your area who offer similar employment opportunities and if you can … pay a bit more. Many employees are known to leave their current jobs for a slight 5% increase in pay. Remember that when you set your pay rates and be sure to offer raises when applicable.

2.) Provide ample opportunities for growth
No one enjoys stagnant workplaces. Boredom or skill underutilization is a major reason people leave their jobs or simply start slacking. Offer engaging challenges and stimulating work environments that keep your employees yearning for more. Everyone wants to feel good and feel like they’re progressing in life. Offer this to your employees and you will see a dramatic increase in quality and eagerness to perform.

3.) Make it a pleasant environment
Make sure the office is clean, well taken care of, and pay attention to the little details. If someone needs a new stapler, take care of that right away. Your employees will love knowing that you’re taking extra good care of them. It will be even more wonderful if you can spot these things before they address them. Pay attention to when the paper is running out, when new pens are needed, when the paint needs a little touch up. The little things really do count and your team will notice your extra attention.

4.) Encourage Positivity
Whether it’s in our personal lives or our workplace, positivity goes a long, long way. People hate coming to work that’s filled with negativity and hourly complaints. Make sure the positivity starts with you and ensure that your employees maintain a positive outlook while at work. Perhaps you should consider bringing in a guest speaker who can come in and get your team motivated to think positively. It makes a huge difference.

5.) Foster a Teamwork Mentality
Many bright, creative minds find it difficult to work alongside others as well. Help these individuals foster a teamwork mentality so that they can better work with those around them. Teach and train them to collaborate with others and their skill sets. Ask for suggestions from your employees and listen to what they desire. Encourage your team, ask them questions, actively listen, and do your best to solve their challenges alongside them—not for them. Give them the opportunity to grow and thrive as leaders too.

6.) Set Attainable Goals
Setting goals is one thing, but setting attainable goals is what actually matters. Idealism is great but teach your employees to set goals that they can reach (there’s always room for new goals once a simple one is attained). Teach them how to break their goals down into micro steps so they can actually attain the goal they’ve set. Breaking goals down into attainable goals is a major key to success. As you accomplish more, you’ll be more inclined to challenge yourself moving forward. So if you want to see your employees gain traction toward goals, help them break long-term goals down into small-term attainable goals they can reach quicker.

7.) Never Micromanage
How annoying it can be to have our parents constantly looking over our shoulders when we’re teenagers in high school. Remember that feeling? Well, that’s how it feels when a boss is peering over your shoulder constantly to see what you’re doing. Or asking you every few hours if you’ve gotten something finished. Trust your employees to report their milestones to you. Trust them to get the work done that you’ve given them. And if you find them to be untrustworthy, that’s when you can address the situation. Initially, however, it’s best to treat them like capable adults and check in only when necessary.

8.) Learn what’s important and what isn’t
It’s imperative for you to know when it’s best to just let something go. Whether it’s a goal that simply isn’t going to happen, an employee who just isn’t working out, etc. There are many situations you’re going to encounter, and you need to know when you should keep trying and when to move on. This goes back to time management and knowing what’s worth your time and what isn’t. Pay attention to what is achievable and what is not so reasonable. Don’t be afraid to get rid of anything that isn’t adding value to your business or benefiting time management. Whether that’s a dream or a lazy employee. Stand up, be bold, and know when to let go.
These are just a few tips to get you started. Stay positive, motivated, and interested. If you do these things, your employees will too.

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